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As one of the largest numbers forecast operators in Malaysia, Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was first incorporated by the Government of Malaysia in 1969, which was later followed by a move to privatize the company on 01 August 1985.

The move by Sports Toto to privatize the company was a major milestone in the local gaming industry. With such a long and illustrious history, Sports Toto has played a significant role in shaping the local 4D numbers betting industry into the established and well-run machine that we all know and love today.

With a workforce that comprises of more than 360 staff members who are spread across 680 sales outlets, Sports Toto has proven its mettle by clambering its way to the top to become the household name it is today in the Malaysian gaming industry.

Sports Toto offers a total of 7 games, each of which are incredibly popular with the local community – Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot, Toto 5D, Toto 6D, Power Toto 6/55, Supreme Toto 6/58, and Grand Toto 6/63. Besides that, Sports Toto also has the privilege of being the country’s sole licensed national lotto operator.

With decades of experience and success in catering to the Malaysian masses, the names “4D Toto”, “Sports Toto”, and/or “Toto 4D” are familiar terms that are also synonymous with trust and reliability. As a veteran in the Malaysian numbers gaming industry and as the largest numbers forecast operators in the country, Sports Toto has earned its reputation through its traditional 4D Toto game, along with an increasingly popular variant that has a Jackpot feature.

The latter, known as “Toto 4D Jackpot”, offers a prize pool of minimum RM2 million for Jackpot 1, as well as a minimum guaranteed prize of RM100,000 for Jackpot 2. With multiple weekly lottery number draws, live Toto results, and exciting cash prizes to be won, Sports Toto continues to solidify its presence and reputation as one of Malaysia’s top numbers forecast operators in the local gaming industry.

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magnum 4d

Magnum Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is the 100% subsidiary of Magnum Berhad, which was first incorporated on 18 August 1975. Magnum Corporation is the first company in the country to be awarded the license to operate the ever popular 4-Digit numbers lottery game by the Government of Malaysia.

The 4-Digit numbers lottery game is more popularly referred to as Magnum 4D. Magnum Corporation is also a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA). Additionally, Magnum Corporation has achieved a respectable grade in certification – Level 2 in the Responsible Gaming Certification by WLA – which ensures that the company meets industry standards of integrity, responsibility, accountability, and professionalism.

Since its early introduction, Magnum 4D has been highly successful and has gone on to solidify its reputation as a market leader as well as a household name in the Malaysian numbers forecasting industry. Riding on the waves of its continuous success, Magnum Corporation has since expanded its portfolio of product offerings by introducing variations of its signature Magnum 4D numbers lottery game – ‘Magnum 4D Jackpot’ was launched in September 2009, ‘Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold’ followed suit in November 2014, and recently in January 2016, a brand new game known as ‘Magnum 4D Powerball’ was released.

By creating and making such a versatile array of numbers forecasting games available to its players, Magnum hopes to appeal to as wide an audience as possible while maintaining its position as a market leader in the Malaysian numbers forecasting business.

Offering punters nationwide the chance to win millions of Ringgit in cash, 4D Magnum hosts multiple draws weekly with live Magnum results announcements. As a responsible paymaster, the company has rightfully earned its status and position as a trusted operator in the numbers gaming industry, thus incentivizing many to bet with 4D Magnum and eagerly anticipate the latest Magnum 4D results.

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da ma cai 1+3d


Another major player in the Malaysian numbers lottery industry is Da Ma Cai, a licensed numbers forecasting operator which is owned by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. First established on 04 July 1988, the principal business of Pan Malaysian Pools is the conducting and management of the Numbers Forecast Totalisator business under the provision of the Racing (Totalisator Board) Act of 1961.

On 09 August 2011, Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. acquired the entire shareholdings of Pan Malaysian Pools. Following this acquisition, all of Pan Malaysian Pools’ net dividends received by Jana Pendidikan Malaysia was pledged to be donated to The Community Chest.

The Community Chest is dedicated to funding the establishment, development, and advancement of the non-profit educational sector that does not receive sufficient funding or governmental aid, such as vernacular schools as well as missionary schools nationwide.

The Community Chest also provides scholarships and support to financially needy Malaysian students in order to provide them with the opportunity to receive a quality education. The aforementioned acquisition has thus transformed Pan Malaysian Pools’ module as a for-profit organization into a social business that benefits the Malaysian community, specifically in the educational sector.

In the early days, Da Ma Cai gained traction in the numbers forecasting business thanks to its 3-digit numbers lottery game. To maintain its competitive edge in the market, Da Ma Cai then launched and developed its own Da Ma Cai 4D game, known as Da Ma Cai 1+3D.

In line with its endeavours to make quality education accessible to the Malaysian community, the company encourages and promotes 4D Da Ma Cai with its tagline: “Support education, play with us!” Da Ma Cai hosts number draws thrice a week (Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays) and thanks to its attractive 1+3D Jackpot prizes, many bet and eagerly await the live Da Ma Cai 4D result announcements. Also available to the Malaysian market is Da Ma Cai’s 6D game that competes with Magnum’s and Sports Toto’s 4D jackpot games.

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sabah 4d lotto 88


While big names such as Magnum Corporation, Sports Toto, and Da Ma Cai claim monopoly of the numbers forecasting market in West Malaysia, the demands of the market in East Malaysia have not been forgotten as the region has its own dedicated numbers lottery games run by a company called Lotteries Corporation Sdn. Bhd., more commonly referred to as “88” by the locals.

Sabah 88 was established in 1988 under the name Lotteries Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and is entirely dedicated to the development and operation of the wildly popular 3D, 4D, and lotto games that have similarly taken the markets of West Malaysia by storm. Since its inception, Sabah 88’s games (particularly Sabah 4D) have been successful and have been enthusiastically received by their intended audiences.

This success has led Sabah 88 to develop more games in response to the market’s demands for more innovative games that also offer higher jackpot amounts. As a pioneer in computer gaming in Sabah, the company has over 40 agencies that are strategically placed and spread out across the state, as it aims to bring the joys and excitement of Sabah lotto to the masses.

Additionally, Sabah 88 ensures its games, such as its signature 4D Sabah game, meet international standards, guidelines, and practices. As such, every Sabah lotto draw is being continuously monitored and audited by an international auditing firm for transparency.

As a dedicated numbers lottery operator who values integrity, transparency, and excellence in customer service, Sabah 88 has been met with success after success, especially with regards to its Sabah 4D game.

On top of providing its punters with an exciting numbers drawing process that is followed by a live 4D Sabah result announcement, Sabah 88 also focuses on ensuring its winners enjoy a smooth and hassle-free payout process. With such an easy to play and easy to win format, Sabah 88’s 3 product offerings – Sabah 3D, Sabah 4D, and Sabah Lotto – have boosted the company’s popularity in the region and will continue to thrill the market with its enticing prize pools.

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Another major player in the numbers forecast market of the Sabahan region is Everise Ventures Sdn. Bhd. The company is the principal operator of Sandakan Turf Club (STC) 4D forecast pools in Sabah and is a licensed operator of good repute in East Malaysia.

Everise Ventures has successfully developed and built up the popularity of STC 4D forecast pools and one of the markers of its success is that it has as many as 40 agencies located throughout East Malaysia to cater to the market.

STC 4D has experienced phenomenal success thanks to the company’s dedication towards security and transparency. The company is proud to share that their operations and online systems are second to none, thus ensuring that each transaction is secured, precise, and quick in order to provide customers with a user friendly interface that is both sophisticated and reliable.

The company also goes the distance and gives back to the community by channelling portions of Sandakan 4D profits toward the betterment of schools, NGOs, charitable causes, welfare organizations, and also religious organizations.

Having shown and proven that they will spare no resources in ensuring that their customers derive an enjoyable experience with Sandakan 4D, the company has gone to painstaking lengths to create a fair and just gaming environment, where processes are transparent and where payouts (based on official Sandakan 4D results) are made in a timely manner.

Sandakan 4D draws are typically conducted by company officers and in full view of the general public. Following that, players can view the latest Sandakan 4D result immediately after the each draw through multiple official channels. Winners who wish to claim their prize will need to present a valid winning ticket; all prizes below RM12,500 can be claimed at any Sandakan Turf Club 4D agent.

If you’ve missed out on any past 4D Sandakan result, you can view a list of past results on the STC Sandakan 4D websites – only records of the past 6 months’ results will be available.

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special cash sweep


Special Cash Sweep is another form of numbers forecasting lottery game that is run by Natural Avenue Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Berjaya Assets Sdn. Bhd. and the exclusive agent for Sarawak Turf Club’s Special Cash Sweep Number Forecast Lotteries. Under the country’s Pool Betting Act 1967, Natural Avenue first started operating back in August 1995 by conducting draws for its 3D game and 4D sweep.

The Sarawak cash sweep follows the same format as other licensed numbers forecasting lotteries conducted across the country – multiple draws are held weekly and 23 combinations of numbers are drawn at each event. Based on the cash sweep result, players stand the chance to win a range of cash prizes with just a minimum bet of RM1.

Cash sweep results will be announced after draws have been made; cash sweep draw days are held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Occasionally, the Sarawak cash sweep has special Tuesday draws (with the approval by the Ministry of Finance) to offer players the opportunity to win something in the big sweep. Just like other 4D number lottery games, a player can bet on the big forecast and/or small forecast of the special cash sweep 4D.

The cashsweep results are usually available to the public immediately after the draw has concluded and can be viewed through various authorized channels of communication (e.g. Special Cash Sweep official website).

The prize structure for the special cash sweep 4D are as follows:

4D Sweep BIG Forecast
1ST PRIZE: RM2,500
2ND PRIZE: RM1,000

4D Sweep SMALL Forecast
1ST PRIZE: RM3,500
2ND PRIZE: RM2,500
3RD PRIZE: RM1,000


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singapore pools


Despite its size, Singapore has achieved international repute for its highly ordered, civilized, and developed society. The Singaporean government had shown good foresight by taking a practical as well as pragmatic approach towards the gambling industry – by providing its people with a safe environment to indulge while also educating the public on the importance of responsible gambling.

By introducing legalities to this particular segment of the entertainment sector, Singapore Pools has made it possible for the community to partake in the joys of live betting while also keeping within the boundaries of the law.

Since it was first established, Singapore Pools has played a major role in altering the once-dark and chaotic gambling scene from decades ago to the peaceful and regulated present environment that many can safely derive enjoyment from.

Additionally, Singapore Pools is a not-for-profit organisation and was a major source of funding back during Singapore’s nation building years; since 1968, Singapore Pools’ financial surpluses have been distributed to benefit various sectors such as charity, education, community development, sports, health, and the art scene.

Overall, Singapore Pools contributes approximately $2 billion annually to the Singapore Government in the form of taxes and duties, which ultimately go on to support good causes associated with national development.At present, Singapore Pools has a comprehensive variety of lottery games to cater to the needs of the market – Singapore 4D, TOTO, and the Singapore Sweep.

The draws and Singapore Pools 4D results are announced every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday; TOTO draw days are Monday and Thursday; results for The Singapore Sweep are held every first Wednesday of the month.

As long as you meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years, players can attend these draws at the Singapore Pools Building to witness the live announcement of any Singapore Pools 4D result.

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